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I must admit my original plan was not to take wood turning, but I think Fortuna was on my side! I went on this VAWAA through a work sponsored trip. I work at a lighting design studio and I have a history in metal working, jewelry, lighting, etc... I was planning on taking a jewelry class which ended up being full. I think this swing of fate was just what I needed. I had never thought about woodworking, but the more I talked about my upcoming workshop I remembered it ran in my family. I grew up around handmade wooden objects which I loved so much. The richness of wood is unlike anything I have worked with before; it is equal parts strong and soft, unique and consistent. I didn't expect how much I would enjoy making objects that are utilitarian, things that are held near. I love how they get better with age and wear. Really what I was hoping to achieve was to walk away with some nice bowls (which I did!), but I also left with a new interest in wood turning and the medium as a whole. Dabbling in something entirely new has me spinning with so many ideas.

During this workshop, I would see the spinning workpiece when I closed my eyes to sleep. Now, back at home, I'm trying to do the same envisioning for my own lathe! I really cherish everything I learned and I would love to have a lathe so I can keep learning. Taking this workshop gave me confidence to try out an entirely new craft!