Zach & Kevin

United States > > > with Camila in Mexico

I have been working on and off with clay my entire life. It is something that I would say is in my DNA but that I rarely make time for in my daily life. For me it is the most natural medium to jump back into to explore my creativity. I really had no specific plans for what I wanted to make or explore but I knew I just needed the dedicated free time to work with the material in a studio, separated from my daily responsibilities and distractions at home.

I walked away creating an interesting and diverse body of work that was a little more loose and expressive than my usual work. Having the prompt of translating the elements of house music songs into marks on vessels was an interesting process I had never done before. After a couple frustrating days I finally landed somewhere I liked and thought that the work I created was a nice start on something I can definitely develop more in the future. If nothing else the experience just reminded me of my creative capacity when I sit down and do the work and I am hoping to build on that momentum in the new year and hopefully make work more consistently.