Ceramics with Camila
  • Guadalajara, Mexico
  • 16 hours over 4 days

Ceramics with Camila

Experience Guadalajara’s emerging arts and culture as you dive into ceramic arts with Mexican artist Camila. Learn how to create ceramic pieces that combine craft and self-inquiry, using various techniques like wheel throwing, hand building, and glazing – with the city’s long-standing pottery tradition for inspiration.
  • Snacks, Coffee, & Tea


One Guest
USD $1150
Additional guest(s) (max 2)
USD $465

Meet the Artist

Camila is a Mexican ceramic artist who creates sculptural, functional, and experimental art pieces. Her work lies at the intersection of craft and self-inquiry. She finds that working with her hands allows inner landscapes to become more visible and deep unconscious processes to arise. “Presence, silence, and contemplation are readily available through clay, be it with the pottery wheel, coil building, or other techniques”, she says.

Her process is nonlinear, full of references and associations: looking at nature, at different kinds of art (especially photography and sculpture), working with her body through dance and other somatic practices, and deep listening. These references guide her to choose the right material, followed by extensive experimentation and ceramic research to develop the right building techniques and finishes.

Besides ceramics, she looks forward to the cultural exchange and sharing the vast possibilities that the city offers in terms of culture, nature, and fun.

VAWAA Includes:

  • Introduction to different clay bodies and ceramic methods.
  • Concept development through reflection and creative exercises.
  • Preparing clay and other materials.
  • Handbuilding techniques such as slab, pinch and coil.
  • Sculpting and surface detailing.
  • If time permits, kiln firing and glazing techniques. If kiln can not be fired before the end of session, you can choose the glaze and pick up after it is fired or have it shipped home for an additional fee. There's also the option to work with special glazes for an additional fee if time permits.
  • A visit to Tonalá or Tlaquepaque to see local pottery tradition and other craft makers.
  • A visit to other local studios.
  • If desired and time permits, you can engage in an array of wonderful local activities with Camila to enrich your experience including a walk in the forest, visit to the museum, ambient concert, meditation sessions.

Explore Guadalajara

The birthplace of mariachi music, Guadalajara is Mexico’s second-largest city and home to hundreds of years of architectural heritage. At the same time, it’s undergoing a cultural renaissance, becoming a place for emergent art forms, drawing artists, designers, and chefs from around the world.

It is the hub of a longstanding pottery tradition in nearby areas like Tonalá and Tlaquepaque. With the rise of ceramics, Guadalajara has captured the imagination for different explorations with this artform, from contemporary to more artisanal and crafty works.

Guadalajara’s location, close to the town of Tequila and just a few hours from some of Mexico’s most beautiful beaches, makes it a perfect point of departure for a longer vacation.

Additional Details

Guadalajara is beautiful year round to visit. December, January and February tend to have less cultural activities. And, summer tends to be very rainy so things take longer to dry. It is still a good season, just keep in mind that your pieces might take longer to dry which might impact the firing dates.

This VAWAA cannot be extended in duration.

It will be an intense session and you must be ready to do a lot of physical work, should not have back injuries, and be able to handle at least 20kg of weight.

This session is not ideal for kids, however it can be adapted for elderly and people in wheelchairs. Please specify special needs in the booking request because some objects and materials in the studio can be dangerous.

Camila speaks Spanish and English.
Camila's Availability 4 days

Guest Reviews

  • Kourtney R., Canada

    The ceramics experience with Camila was very inspiring. I got to experience a new clay body and techniques. It was particularly cool to use locally foraged clay to colour my pieces. Additionally, Camila took me around to a local studio, a museum showing traditional ceramics to modern ceramics in Guadalajara, and a full tour at Suro. I really enjoyed my experience and thank Camila for being a great Read more

  • Linda N., United States

    Written by Sue: We learned so much in our ceramic workshop, Camila is brilliant, inspirational and calming at the same time. Her lovely studio is in a neighborhood with lots of cafes and restaurants, and her boyfriend's Kombucha (Boreal) is delicious! Best family vacation ever!

    Written by Kenny: The experience was fantastic and Camila was a supportive, creative, and calming presence throughout
    Read more

  • Julie C., Canada

    This workshop helped me to improve my abilities in slabbuilding and sculpture. The clay used by Camila is very special and I liked it a lot because it is so malleable! Thanks for those days under the Mexican sun!

  • Kevin Q., United States

    Working with Camila was so lovely! Her chill and warm energy combined with the dreamy courtyard helped to create a pressure free environment for me to explore some ideas in ceramics. I have a lot of ceramics experience so while I was not looking for much technical guidance I was looking for creative guidance. Camila was a good sounding board for me to discuss what I was thinking and her experience Read more