Abstract Painting and Collage with Tessa
  • The Hague, Netherlands
  • 25 hours over 5 days

Abstract Painting and Collage with Tessa

Experiment with patterns & materials to create paintings with globe-trotting Tessa, who has worked with artists around the world. Get inspired with a tour of the Hague art museum & city photo walk. Then combine composition, pattern, form and brushstrokes to create distinct and imaginative pieces.


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    Meet the Artist

    Tessa is an abstract painter who works in mixed media and collage. She focuses heavily on composition, materiality, and pattern. Her creative process emphasizes trial and error, and she enjoys experimenting with texture, using everything from inks to wallpapers in her art. Tessa’s finished works are as much about her process as they are products of that process. Expressive and abstract, Tessa’s collages and paintings reflect her fascination with creative expression and artistic intuition, but more importantly, they reflect her unique humanity and her truly special brand of kindness and energy. A mother, a teacher, and an optimist, she lives by the mantra: “There is art in every heart!”

    VAWAA Includes:

    • A history of abstraction and an introduction to different abstract artists and movements.
    • A personalized tour of the Hague Art Museum.
    • A photo walk to gather images of inspiring objects, scenery, and/or patterns to incorporate in work.
    • Practicing mark making with different brushes and objects.
    • Experimenting with different papers and bases.
    • Your three abstract, mixed media paintings.
    • Materials, tools, and one museum entrance.

    Explore The Hague

    About an hour outside Amsterdam by train or bus, The Hague is usually skipped over in favor of its canal-lined big sister. And while some travelers may not be looking for the quieter streets offered here, those seeking a more local experience will certainly be rewarded. Featuring the unmistakable hallmarks of Dutch architecture, quirky attractions like Madurodam (a charming miniature theme park), and some truly stunning institute of arts and design, The Hague offers local delights at a slower and more accessible pace. In other words, the perfect place to rejuvenate and find artistic inspiration.

    Guest Reviews

    • Prashant, India

      Tessa is a wonderful artist, thoughtful host and a great teacher. She was really accommodating of our request to crash the course into two days. We started with a tour to a paper art exhibition that provided some perspective of art in general and then quickly got down to some basics back in her studio. Her studio is really cozy, naturally well lit and right next to the harbor which allowed for a l Read more