Frugality is Fun (and Fabulous)

Live from NYC

We're delighted to once again welcome back Debra Rapoport! On Thursday November 4th at 3PM EDT, the Advanced Style icon and wearable art innovator will be returning for a conversation and hands-on activity that celebrates and explores the rewards of creative frugality. 

In a world where waste is over abundant and the climate emergency is imminent, it is important to be more frugal and caring about our planet. This gathering will be a fun, encouraging way for us to think about how we can consume less and create more. Through conversing and creating with Debra we'll be reconsidering our needs and wants and reconnecting with the spirit of innovation to make more conscious choices and more artistic masterpieces! 

If you are new to the colorful world of Debra Rapoport, this will be a powerful introduction to sustainable fashion.

If you are not in EDT time zone, be sure to convert the time.

What to Expect

  • Listen to Debra’s stories of iconic style and playful exploration - from age 3 to 75!
  • A look at her hats, jewelry, creative process and unique relationship to found objects.
  • How to make frugality fun and fabulous.
  • A short creative exercise where we'll begin to explore how to alter a brown paper bag into a hat. 

What you'll need

A brown paper bag and a mirror.

How to join

We'll be hosting this VAWAA Online on Zoom. We'll send link and details to join via email 1 day and again 1 hour before it begins.

About Debra

A passionate revolutionary, Debra's approach to fashion is radical and exciting; "I don't come from tradition". Her fashion creations start with found materials, turning trash into high-end fashion. Her great skill is finding life in the everyday objects around her, from which she builds relationships. Renowned since the 1960s for her unique wearable art, she has become an Advanced Style fashion icon, and her designs have been exhibited in museums across the US including Metropolitan Museum of Art, the L.A. County Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. She has taught at NYU, University of California at Davis, Museum of Art and Design and Neue Galerie.

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"Debra reminded me that we need to build in time for getting lost in creative exploration." - Eva 

"What a delightful, young and vibrant spirit Debra is! Anyone with a pulse can learn from this woman. Wow. My favourite quote from her: 'With creativity there are no rules and with no rules, there is no fear' " - Jenny

"An amazing experience to be able to join the chat from around the world. Loved hearing about and seeing Debra's stunning work." - Rachel

"Debra Rapoport said many wise words to live by. What a wonderful and inspiring experience to learn from her about where she's been and where she's going." - Carmen

"It was amazing to hear how she uses everyday objects like toilet rolls and paper towels to make amazing hats, necklaces and bracelets. She is a walking piece of art. I'm truly inspired and went away and made a necklace of a tin foil tray and have started to make a hat from a tea cosy. It would be my dream to be mentored by this lady." - Vanessa

"I was blown away with the wisdom Debra shared. Not just art, but life." - Theresa

Photo by Susie Lang

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