Liquid and Energetic Drawing Techniques

Live from Athens, Greece

Join VAWAA Artist and Greek visual artist, Nikos for an exciting introduction to his signature liquid drawing and painting techniques. There’s no straight line, and no boxes in Nikos's approach to art. He has the ability to teach one to identify liquid forms, to visualize how light falls on the skin, and to effortlessly depict the intricacies of fingerprints.

On Sunday October 24 at 11AM EST, he will share his philosophy, concepts and techniques. We'll analyze a portrait or a landscape (photograph) on the basis of circular lines and forms, and explore further with hands-on drawing experiments and technical tips. We'll learn how to set a composition on a paper/canvas from a picture and how to build a balanced composition full of rhythm and movement by using the curved line as a structural element . 

This session is for everyone who likes to experiment in drawing and painting, regardless of their artistic level/knowledge.

If you are not in EDT time zone, be sure to convert the time.

What you'll need

Pencils, color pencils, oil pastels and paper

How to join

We'll be hosting this VAWAA Online on Zoom. We'll send link and details to join via email 1 day and again 1 hour before it begins.

About Nikos

Nikos is a painter and draftsman known for his unique use of flowing, energetic linework. Several creative and philosophical influences impact his way of seeing the world. He devours the words of Pre-Socratic Greek philosophers, and Heraclitus’s philosophy “Everything flows, nothing stands still” has influenced Nikos’ approach to both life and art. A gifted pianist, Nikos often compares colors to musical chords. In his paintings, different colors blend together to eventually create one, harmonious piece. Nikos studied Painting, Stage-setting Design and Music in Greece followed by Artistic Research in Sweden. He finds it interesting how art can be reconnected with the realm of everyday experiences, and with life in general. He has created the stage-setting and paintings for several movies and theatrical shows, and is a founding member of a cultural center in Athens.

Visit his artist page to learn more about his in-person VAWAA.

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