4-Session Series: Painting From The Deep Intuitive

Live from Guardia Sanframondi, Italy

This is a specially curated 4 week series going into the depths of the healthy creative cycle: using the natural rhythm of our inbuilt creative genius to guide us effortlessly into profound expansion, sovereignty, freedom, and mastery. 

For four consecutive Saturdays, from July 25 - Aug 15, join VAWAA Artist Clare as we work with reclaimed surfaces, large-scale, and your preferred painting and drawing materials. Prepare to delve further in each session into our immense unique creative flow.

Each session will last 75 minutes. There’ll be time for technical questions, introspective quiet times, straightforward guidance wherever we might need encouragement, and reflecting on our work.

If you're not sure, sign up for the first session and register for series after. Please note that VAWAA Online Pass cannot be used for this series.

Joining us from a different time zone? Be sure to convert the time.

Session 1: Spring
July 25 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM EDT

Starting with the blank canvas, like the clean earth after winter - trusting the alchemy of what has been going on under the soil - occupying and believing that what already exists can inform what is unfolding now and in the future - connecting with the rested ground, the terrain that was frozen, participating in the thawing out of our ‘non-creative’ self. Using reclaimed surfaces and starting gently with the seeds of an idea.

Session 2: Summer
August 1 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM EDT

The playful fullness of our creative chaos - the rawness of summer expansiveness - expressing what must be released, the world needs our surrender to creative flow - finding the full-body-yes in our mark-making. Using a large-scale surface and wild mark-making; allowing the vitality of a painting to come through, even if it’s in the middle of a process, so to retain the vitality and authenticity in our work throughout.

Session 3: Autumn
August 8 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM EDT

The microcosmic orbit and the necessity of harvesting of our creative energy - removing our life force and attention from the draining dynamics of modern life - returning to sovereignty through our senses, and the wise harvesting of what is useful, that which will sustain us in the long-term/ over the dark months. Getting into the decision-making process mid-creation, but doing so from the intuitive rather than the tight logic of the front-lobe brain: gaining confidence in both knowing and not knowing.

Session 4: Winter
August 15 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM EDT

The great letting go, completion, resolution - connecting with the collective alchemy of the ‘dark’ side - there is no dark side, only our discourse with our own ever-deepening being and interbeing - listening to the silence and the preparation for the next phase - coming back to source, center, and giving time to full-body-mind-spirit activation. We’ll be delving into the finishing process, with a piece that might need completion support, and engaging with any part of us that lacks deep flow and confidence.

What you'll need

A large or medium-sized painting surface and a selection of painting and drawing materials. If you feel inspired, try using an unusual surface and/or a drawing or painting medium you’ve never tried before - create a positive challenge, to make the most of this collaborative creative container!

How to join

We'll be hosting this VAWAA Online on Zoom. We'll send the link and details to join via email a few hours before each session begins.

About Clare

Clare is an award-winning artist, writer and free-thinker - she’s had a colorful career in several countries and her art is in collections around the world. Her work has centered around liberating our sovereign health, wealth and happiness, through the potent primal activities of drawing and painting. She has also won awards for her work in transforming land and communities, and holds art degrees from Scotland’s top art schools. 

Visit her artist page to learn more about her in-person VAWAA.


"Neat class. Enjoy the style that Clare offered me and the group. I am able to get out of my head with this easy upfront exercise and I enjoy using the foundation of marks for my subject of choice. I had been working on a self portrait, but was stumped by the subject matter. I broke through this block in Clare's session. I declare self portrait complete." - Lisa

"A unwinding experience for the mind" - Eugenia

"Clare is wonderful and I love how supportive and open she is. I have experience painting intuitively, but I definitely appreciated Clare’s approach. It was also fun to see how everyone approaches their work differently but all with beautiful results!" - Reyna

"Just wonderful - excellent insights and direction from Clare, lovely sense of community and connectedness across the group and a great chance to explore unconscious mark making and it’s power" - Hannah

"Wonderful class with a brilliant artist. Thanks VAWAA!" - Christina

"I was with my daughter and a friend and we loved the experience! It was a little challenging but Claire guided and encouraged us to lei it flow. Thanks." - Alessandra

"Loved the guidance and flow of the class." - Cynthia