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I’ve always wanted to go to Japan. In my imagination it was so exotic, so far away, so hot, such great designs, so big, such cool people, and well, for some reason – it seemed a place other people went and I imagined. Imagination transformed and here I am, in Kyoto.

I just completed an Ikebana class and attended a tea ceremony. Part of the reason I’m here is because the cruise finished in Tokyo and part because my lovely friend, Geetika Agrawal, has an art travel business, VAWAA or Vacation with an Artist. I decided to try out her offerings and studied Ikebana – flower arrangements.

What I learned is that every action and item has a history, a story, a reason, and a purpose. All of that is related to nature and learning to see and be at one in the world. Also, I learned to view space and placement in ways we don’t see in the traditional Western art and flower arranging.  I’m completely smitten by the process and cherish my time with my instructor, Kimiko. Thank you Geetika! Thank you, Kimiko!