Netherlands > > > with Sarfraz in India

Learning something new is awesome but what I like the most about doing a creative workshop abroad is having a framework and focus rather than doing a little bit of everything.

This trip really worked out that way! For example, I combined the block printing trip with visits to weavers, block makers, textile museums and of course, shopping for handprinted fabrics! And yes, I learned a lot about block printing. Turns out I love it as much as I expected I would :)

This was not my first creative trip but the first one with VAWAA. And VAWAA sure makes the match-up with artists super easy. The one-on-one makes for a great authentic experience and keeps you away from the more standard group classes that are often set up specifically for tourists.

Creating with my hands gives me a lot of joy. This VAWAA was a good reminder to step away from the computer more often! The graphic possibilities of block printing very much connect to my job as a graphic designer. I bought blocks and dyes and fabrics to create more block print art back home in Amsterdam!