Switzerland > > > with Katja in Slovenia

I'm the kind of person who goes into a store and touches everything, or smells her food before she eats. I'm very much about getting a wholesome sensory experience, so being able to work with clay and FEEL it between my fingers sounded just awesome. I did a semester of ceramics 1.5 years ago and I loved how physically and mentally challenging it was. I was looking to have that feeling of "oneness" with the clay.

I flew to Slovenia with a few ideas in mind-- to make Christmas gifts for my family (bowls and tea cups with little surprises inside), a flower vase, incense holder, and learning to emboss leaves or flowers.

We managed to do all of it! From handbuilding with slabs to pinching bowls, making figures, embossing pine cones and branches, using engobe to decorate my pieces, glazing... it was truly special.

I'm keeping this experience close to my heart and have no doubt I'll be seeing Katja again soon.