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I work in the design and product space and love the idea of VAWAA. I've also wanted to visit beautiful Slovenia since seeing Chef's Table several years ago. So when I finally could make the time for it, spending a week learning ceramics in Slovenia seemed like the perfect therapeutic, tactile and analog antidote to my always-connected technology job. I was looking to be in a beautiful environment, working on an immersive creative pursuit, sans screens. It was also a unique way to spend time with my mom and aunt, who also joined me.

We learned and made so much more than I imagined. We jumped in right away, learned several key techniques, and took multiple pieces from start to finished, glazed products. 

Each day I lost track of time, immersed in clay, carving, glaze, and more. It was a rejuvenating, relaxing and fulfilling experience to work with my hands and flex my creative muscles.

This opportunity provided three key things in addition to a relaxing and wonderful vacation:

1. I'm in a career transition and it challenged what I want to do next and how I want to spend my time.

2. It inspired me to look for a local ceramics class to pursue as a hobby.

3. It made me appreciate the effort that goes into the art and ceramics that I encounter in my life, and notice details about the finished products that I wouldn't otherwise have known without having gone through this process.

I also saw so many stunning places during our free time in Slovenia, with Krize as our base. We visited Lake Bohinj, Lake Bled, Vintgar Gorge, Lubljana, Triglav National Park, Kobarid, caves, castles, and more. We got up early and packed it in each day. It was refreshing to get out in nature and share the beautiful scenery with my family -- we continue to talk about it even weeks after having returned!