Canada > > > with Marjolein in Canada

We decided to go on a VAWAA because we: wanted a small vacation; wanted to go somewhere where we could meet 'real' people, and have some more authentic encounters with new people; were always interested in learning more about felting - after seeing numerous examples at local galleries/craft-halls; were inspired to meet an artist like Marjolein: whose aesthetic echoes many of our own interests; wanted to give this idea of VAWAA a "try".

We wanted to learn the basics of felting; understand 'how' we could make pieces like the artist; appreciate 'how' such pieces get created / invented; spend time with the artist to better understand 'how'/'why' they do what they do; get inspired to make things - with the aspiration of perhaps picking up some ideas for our own crafting in the future; make a connection with an artist, who we may want to refer to - or collaborate with in the future.

The result was a success! We felt like we accomplished all that we wanted. The experience has definitely transformed the way that we might think about creating our own craft-based interests in the future.