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I have always dreamt of spending time in Italy learning to cook. Previously, I thought this would involve taking a short course at a culinary school or finding a local who is willing to take me on as an apprentice. When I discovered Ursula's page on VAWAA, I knew this was it! What made is super special was this wasn't just a culinary apprenticeship, it was also our chance to learn how we can be more sustainable in our lifestyle. We have recently purchased farm land and were very happy to learn tips and tricks from Ursula about what is easy to grow and how to minimize pests. We basically got a taste of how we imagine our life to be in 5-7 years from now!

We learned wonderful recipes (the tortellini was our family favorite) - we've already recreated 3 dishes thanks to the recipe book that Ursula kindly gifted us. We have also made a life decision to bring a cat home someday (we were never cat people, but we fell in love with Ursula's cats and also learned about how beneficial cats can be on a farm).