Japanese Calligraphy with Chikako
  • Kyoto, Japan
  • 16 hours over 4 days

Japanese Calligraphy with Chikako

On the ancient streets of Kyoto, learn the traditional art of calligraphy with a master of the craft. Learn the tools, techniques, and significance of calligraphy, and create your own hand drawn works. Spend time with Chikako’s students to get an even more immersive feel for local lifestyle.


One Guest
USD $595
Additional guest(s) (max 4)
USD $370
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Meet the Artist

Sensei Chikako, known by her artist name Kasho, was born into a family of calligraphers. She started training early and developed her own style that is delicate, bold and playful. She spent a couple of years in Michigan teaching calligraphy and currently teaches calligraphy to students in various studios across Kyoto. Her home studio is located in western part of Kyoto, close to mountains and thick Arashiyama Bamboo Groves. A bit shy, her dimpled warm smile can open a lot of hearts.


  • Understanding history of kanji characters and how it ties into the Japanese culture.
  • Learning about different calligraphy tools, brushes and inks.
  • Maintaining body posture.
  • Learning different brush techniques and line movements.
  • Practicing calligraphy with Chikako’s students in different studios.
  • Visiting calligraphy exhibition.
  • Trying calligraphy performance art depending on skill level.
  • Materials and your hand drawn calligraphy artworks.

Explore Kyoto

From Kinkaku-ji, the golden temple, to the secret moss garden of Saiho-Ji, history and tradition lie in wait around every corner of Kyoto. Experience bustling food markets and hole-in-the-wall ramen joints, meditate in serene bamboo forests, and wander through traditional buildings and teahouses in the historic Higashiyama district. At once serene and vibrant, there are canals with weeping willows and shops brimming with Japanese teas, spices, and crafts.

Guest Reviews

  • Sarika, India

    I had a fabulous 4 days with Chikako and her mother. Chikako was warm and a wonderful teacher. Over the four days, I was with her, I learnt about the different character formations of the Japanese script, the art of making Sumi (or ink) and more importantly, the philosophy of Japanese calligraphy which helped me to see Kyoto with new eyes. Chikao and her mother made me feel completely at home - boRead more

  • Kate Tram, Australia

    I want to thank you for arranging such an incredible experience with Chikako. She's so kind and knowledgeable. I have learned and been loving calligraphy so much. Chikako also took me to local places for lunches, sweets, souvenirs... It's not only calligraphy that I learned, it's also about the people, the food, the culture I've seen by meeting Chikako thank to your program. I wish you keep your sRead more

  • Katie, Hong Kong

    I am a watercolour artist. And with watercolour one needs to have intention and purpose and really commit to every brushstroke. I felt that there must be similarities with calligraphy and I wanted to learn more about this from the perspective of a calligraphy artist. My favourite day was when I joined a lesson and practised with Chikako students, some of whom had been practising with her for 20 yeRead more

  • Anuja, United States

    Being in the artist's studio was good and took the experience to a more personal level. She was very personal and warm which was encouraging.

  • Gaurabh, United States

    Gave a good overview of the art in the time she had. Was good at providing the right amount of hand-holding and guidance