Learn wooden toy and furniture making with Gonzalo in Argentina.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 9 hours over 3 days

Wooden Toy & Furniture Making with Gonzalo

Play with geometry in the cosmopolitan urban landscape of Buenos Aires. Work with various woods to create innovative, whimsical toys of your own design, exploring a new way of thinking and creating. All alongside a globally exhibited master carpenter, designer, and sculptor.


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USD $325
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USD $115
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Discover a wooden toy and furniture atelier.Use wood working machinery.Working with different woods, make your own toys.

Meet the Artist

Gonzalo is a carpenter, designer, sculptor and a toy creator. He got accustomed to tools at an early age of four learning alongside his great grandfather, who lived 101 years and worked as a lathe operator for merchant ships in Buenos Aires. He started working with wood in fine art school and since then has created innumerable pieces of works that have been exhibited and sold around the world. His wooden toys - tangram, trompo, chain cubes, labyrinths, solitaire, robots to name a few - are works of art with interlaced, juxtaposed and slotted wooden pieces creating playful geometric patterns. He draws his inspiration from eastern philosophies, russian constructivist art and lots of play and discovery. “I am Indiana Jones”, says the father of three, husband of a writer/poet, rock music lover and surfer.

VAWAA Includes:

  • Morphology of wood & construction.
  • Woodworking machinery.
  • Wood joinery basic and advanced techniques.
  • Designing and building your own wooden toys, furniture or sculpture.
  • Materials & tools.

Explore Buenos Aires

The many cultures that have filtered into Buenos Aires via its ports have led to French architecture, English lifestyle, Spanish culture, and Italian flair. Made up of bits and pieces from around the world, Buenos Aires nevertheless has an identity all its own. Its urban art scene, in particular, is one of the best in the world, due to relaxed laws that enable artists to leave their mark just about everywhere in the city. Meanwhile, the neighborhood of Palermo is a hip, bohemian network of bars, outdoor cafes, and trendy shops housed in elegant old houses and repurposed warehouses.

Additional Details

This VAWAA is also available for 6 days over 2 weeks. Let us if interested and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Guest Reviews

  • Cezarina, Argentina

    Amazing experience learning how to build wooden toys with Gonzalo at his workshop.

  • Bruno, Argentina

    Gonzalo’s approach is to start with the basics—the forms, proportions. He lays them out and tries to get to a place where he can give meaning to what he’s creating; not the other way around. That was really interesting to me. It was a different kind of place than where I usually engage, from a business perspective or in my personal time. Gonzalo’s approach, again, to design... It’s a nice way to f Read more