Japanese Ink Painting with Shukou
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • 12 hours over 3 days

Japanese Ink Painting with Shukou

Discover Tokyo’s vibrant contemporary arts scene while learning Japanese Ink painting with renowned master ink painter Shukou. Drawing from Zen philosophy, develop a profound connection between painting and mindfulness, and learn how to create paintings that combine classical techniques with contemporary pop art. When you’re not in the studio, enjoy the bustle of Kitazawa, Tokyo’s hip cultural neighborhood.
  • Snacks, Coffee, & Tea


One Guest
USD $1200
Additional guest(s) (max 4)
USD $480

Meet the Artist

Shukou is a master ink painter with nearly 30 years of experience in classical Japanese ink painting. He is renowned for establishing a new contemporary style fusing classical techniques with contemporary pop elements. From a young age, Shukou was captivated by Ukiyoe woodblock prints and Suiboku-ga ink paintings displayed at his grandfather's inn. This early inspiration led him to study ink painting, where he quickly excelled under the guidance of renowned master Mr. Nanboku Saito.

In his twenties, prompted by a fashion stylist friend, he embarked on a groundbreaking artistic path. He merged classical art's timeless beauty with the ever-changing nature of modern art, earning him global acclaim and collaborations with prestigious brands. Shukou's artistic approach involves using classical black ink and adding touches of color with markers, fluorescent acrylics, and other contemporary painting materials. Drawing from Zen philosophy, his freehand strokes reflect a profound connection between painting and mindfulness.

Shukou provides a rare opportunity to explore the rich duality of Japanese culture—the ancient classical heritage and the dynamic contemporary art scene. He aims to empower individuals to integrate their physical and spiritual selves, embracing the best of both worlds for a balanced and fulfilling life.

VAWAA Includes:

  • Introduction to Japanese spirituality, etiquette, and Zen philosophy.
  • Introduction to the history and cultural background of ink painting.
  • Exploration of traditional brush, ink, paper, and ink stone materials.
  • Maintaining body posture, mindset and attitude for creative inspiration.
  • Learning brush stroke techniques, composition and correct position of the signature.
  • Meditation with incense and singing bell before painting.
  • Creating original ink paintings.
  • Stretching in the beautiful Yoyogi park surrounded by trees.
  • If desired and time permits, Shukou can suggest a local kickboxing class and an array of cultural and creative spots to visit in Tokyo.

Explore Tokyo

Shukou’s studio is in Setagaya City, a lively neighborhood in Tokyo, just a short walk from Shimokitazawa's trendy cultural district. Setagaya City offers a vibrant and diverse arts scene that blends Japanese tradition and modern creativity. From avant-garde galleries to traditional arts like calligraphy, ceramics, and kimono craftsmanship, this neighborhood is a thriving hub for artistic inspiration and cultural exchange in Tokyo.

Additional Details

The best time to visit Tokyo is in Spring during the famous cherry blossom season, and in autumn when the weather is mild and pleasant. Winter is the least crowded and cheapest, but the weather can be chilly.

This VAWAA can be extended for up to 7 days for those interested in mastering special techniques, using larger tools, or completing larger works. Please inquire when you submit your booking request.

Must be 13 years or older to attend. The studio is located on the second floor and lacks an elevator. Sessions can be adapted for individuals with special needs, provided they can access the second floor with a caregiver.

Shukou speaks Japanese, English, and a bit of French.
Shukou's Availability 3 days

Guest Reviews

  • Kai G., Mexico

    Shukou es un gran maestro. Logro compartir conocimiento de las técnicas d e pintura japonesa y sobre la conexión que se tiene con el cuerpo en la pintura sumie. Muy agradecida por vivir esta experiencia.
    (English translation: Shukou is a great teacher. He managed to share knowledge of Japanese painting techniques and the connection with the body in Sumie painting. Very grateful for living this e
    Read more

  • Thom (Thomas) M., Japan

    WOW!!! This 3 day experience has motivated me and sparked my creative soul! Shukou is an excellent Sensei. He not only knows the medium and its traditions but has the unique ability to impart his expertise and knowledge to the learner, a true gift. I feel like I have made a friend through our time in the studio and while strolling through town. I look forward to reconnecting and creating with him Read more

  • Ari S., United States

    A memorable experience! He is a patient and clear teacher who is so generous in his willingness to share technique and advice. In just a few days, you can only experience a tiny slice of ink painting technique of course, but it’s enough time to learn and produce something you can be proud of.

  • Ursula M., Canada

    I loved my experience learning Japanese ink painting with Shukou. He is a patient and wonderful teacher. Japanese ink painting is a beautiful art form that I plan on practicing on my own. I learned many skills with Shukou and feel it was a very enriching experience. Shukou was helpful and attentive and very generous with his time. I am very grateful to have experienced a local artist like Shukou a Read more

  • Hande Muge O., United Arab Emirates

    Overall experience was very nice. Unfortunately couldn't attend the full 3 days of workshop (due to personal emergencies). but time we spent with Shukou was quite useful. In terms of how to make the ink, brush techniques etc. He was also kind enough to show me around, take me to a sushi bar for a lunch. was a lovely experience, thanks to Shukou.

  • Karen C., Hong Kong

    Having spent a week long at Master Shukou’s studio learning under his patience teachings have been a wonderful experience. His teaching method has helped me to learn very quickly and gained a new understanding about contemporary ink painting techniques. I have also enjoyed many sharing sessions from him on stories of ink paintings. I will definitely consider to sign up the program again in the fut Read more

  • Jerry V., United States

    Ink painting with a master is a wonderful experience, no matter your ability level or prior experience. If you are a complete novice this is a wonderful opportunity to literally "try your hand" at something new.

    For those with ink painting experience, I am confident that you will be challenged with new techniques and ideas as Shukou is willing to share what he knows with any motivated student.
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