In The Wilds Of Norway

  • Lyngør, Norway
  • May 19 - 25, 2019
  • 8 spots

Join VAWAA as we journey to the car-free, idyllic island of Lyngør in Southern Norway to sail the archipelago, spend nights in local wooden homes & lighthouse, and learn film photography and darkroom printing from sailor and master photographer Ole Brodersen.

USD $3,375/person. Includes everything except flights, bus/train from Oslo to Lyngør and travel insurance.

The Experience

We are curating an intimate group of adventurers to join us for a unique experience on the tiny, serene and car-free island of Lyngør. It is an easy 3hrs bus/train ride from Oslo airport. Please plan on arriving in Lyngør on May 19th afternoon/evening so you have time to settle in. Ole will pick you up at the bus/train station near Lyngør. We’ll stay in local homes, then spend our days learning film photography and darkroom printing with Ole using 35mm SLRs, trekking through nearby islands, meeting local artists, and spending the night both on a historic wooden boat in the archipelago with campfire and in a lighthouse. 

When we're not in the wild we'll enjoy our surroundings: going on architecture walks, kayaking, learning about Norwegian culture and relaxing by the water. Departure is May 25th morning however you can plan to stay on the island longer to explore more.

Meet Ole

Ole is a Norwegian art photographer, a sailor, and a twelfth-generation resident of Lyngør. He is deeply tied to this place where he works with staged landscapes comprising motifs dominated by maritime elements. He spends much of his time boating and trekking around the archipelago in pursuit of images exploring relationship between man and nature. Other times, he is inside one of Europe's few special darkrooms built in his father's sail loft. 

A pupil of Norway's first photo concept artist Dag Alveng, Ole's works have been exhibited internationally. When you visit him, ask about the year he spent crossing the Atlantic on a 19th-century pilot cutter.

Home for sea captains

Previously, the village of Lyngør was a popular home for sea captains since it is only accessible by boat and it has no cars. The village is well-known for its scenic harbor and charming wooden houses. It is recognized as one of the best-preserved communities in Europe. Most of the buildings are now summer homes, but there are still about 75 permanent, year-round residents (in 2017). 

The strait that goes through Lyngør is also well known for the dramatic Battle of Lyngør during the Napoleonic Wars, in which the British Royal Navy effectively put an end to the last of Dano-Norwegian naval forces. 

The Details

Dates: May 19 - 25, 2019

Pricing: USD $3,375/person

Availability: Limited to 8 spots


  • Price includes everything for 5 days/6 nights except flights, bus/train from Oslo to Lyngør and travel insurance.
  • 5 nights in local homes based on double occupancy. Additional fee for single room.
  • 1 night in a rustic local lighthouse.
  • Introduction to film photography and darkroom printing with Ole, cameras and materials.
  • Visits to local artists and architecture walks.
  • 3 meals a day including some in Ole’s mother’s restaurant
  • Fruits and snacks for trekking.
  • Coffee, tea, juice. Alcohol not included.
  • Island transportation on Søgne, local ferries and smaller private boats.