Anne Claire

France > > > with Nives in Croatia

I participated in a VAWAA to try the experience because I was looking for creative tourism when I discovered the website. I am a hobbyist in small paper crafts and the idea of a workshop with a professional to learn her technique was very interesting. 

I accomplished the project that motivated me, the creation of an olive tree. Nives had thought of everything and prepared everything beforehand, and thought about how to bring my creation with me back on the plane (by wisdom, I retained the small model which in the end has not been so small...)

While I was learning from her, she was inventing tricks, trying new things. A true artist was by my side, always innovative! The workshop was entertaining and motivating. This experience will help me in the future, first to finish my olive tree at home and then I will try to create, by myself this time, other objects in paper maché, thanks to the training with Nives.