United States > > > with Ondrej & Jan in Czechia

Prague has been on the top of our vacation wish list for over a decade. As we were planning our itinerary, I visited the VAWAA website to see what workshops might be available in Eastern Europe. My primary intention was to gain a local artist's insight into the region and its history while diving into a new creative venture. As one of the top paper conservators in the Czech Republic, Ondrej was the perfect match. He was gracious, patient, humble, and passionate. 

Over lunch each day, he also shared stories about modern life as a Czech citizen and his family's experience moving through the Soviet occupation. Ondrej was also kind enough to meet us in Old Town Prague the day after the workshop to show us some of his favorite areas off the beaten path. 

This was our first VAWAA experience. It will definitely not be our last. VAWAA offers an excellent opportunity to feel connected to a culture and place while immersing oneself in a creative experience. When we booked the Calico and Screen Printmaking workshop, we decided we would like to return home with wallpaper we created for a small renovation project. Ondrej orchestrated our process resulting in the perfect addition to our home.