Gilbert & Kelly

United States > > > with Jacobo & Maria in Mexico

Jacobo is a wonderful teacher and a true master of his craft, as well as a gracious and generous host. The first two days we spent dying the wool and setting up the loom, and then the next three we spent weaving. The threads we dyed we then used in our tapestries, which added a deeper layer of ownership over the finished product since we started out with white thread and ended with beautifully colored tapestries.

While weaving was definitely the main reason for the trip, there were many other aspects that we enjoyed immensely. Jacobo is a fantastic ambassador for the region, the town, his culture, and his people. We also experienced a wide breadth of culinary excellence through Maria Luisa’s cooking. Her meals showcased different aspects of Zapotec and Oaxacan cuisine, and using ingredients grown by the family.