United States > > > with Marjolein in Canada

My time with Marjolein was magical. It was precisely the creative retreat I needed. Four days of learning to let go of my artistic expectations, exploring color combinations I never previously dared, and daily inspiration as I worked alongside someone whose art I genuinely admire. Marjolein tailored the days to what worked best for my schedule and goals. She is a skilled teacher who teaches multiple techniques you can bring into your larger projects upon leaving. An artist through and through, you can see art in every fiber of Marjolein’s being - from her vibrant studio and the multitude of felt creations hanging throughout her home, her fantastic otherworldly paintings, and even her energy, which is full of light and artistic beauty.

I can’t say enough good things about this VAWAA or Marjolein and her lovely family and home. I hope to visit again, continue learning alongside Marjolein, and get another taste of some of the finest maple syrup in Canada (homemade, from their trees!)