Cultural Food Preservation, Wild Foods and Cooking Techniques with Lori
  • St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
  • 12 hours over 3 days

Cultural Food Preservation, Wild Foods and Cooking Techniques with Lori

Discover the bountiful possibilities for living off the land and sea as you forage, harvest, preserve, and cook in the wilds of Newfoundland with skilled chef and outdoorswoman, Lori. Learn culinary skills unique to the region and delve deep into the history of this special land and people through their sustainable food traditions.
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One Guest
USD $1640
Additional guest(s) (max 4)
USD $1200

Meet the Artist

Lori identifies fiercely as a Newfoundlander, a culture in which people, place and food traditions are deeply ingrained. Deeply rooted here, the skilled chef and outdoorswoman is guided by a sense of responsibility to the place. She has been sharing stories and the wild foods of this island along with educational component of food preservation since she began her journey into the foods of the land and sea 20 years ago. The ethics of conservation and sustainability informs her every move, and she is as serious about protecting Newfoundland culture, resources and food ways as she is about sharing them.

While a wild chef, hunter, forager, educator and outdoorswoman is less unusual amongst Newfoundlanders, Lori has made this her life’s mission. She is a leader and advocate in a back-to-the-land approach where traditional food culture is central. Lori is dedicated to keeping the wild game and foods of this province on our plates for generations to come, and passing on the knowledge that she learned at her own mothers knee to her own children who will inherit this islands bounty.

VAWAA Includes:

  • Depending on your dietary preferences, availability, and season, spend 2 days on the field 40 minutes outside of St. Johns, and 1 day in the studio.
  • Foraging and harvesting wild plants for tea or preserves.
  • Harvesting seawater and techniques for smoking seaweed to make salt.
  • Wild game cookery, field dressing, butchery and open fire cooking.
  • Techniques for smoking fish and game meat.
  • Techniques for bottling and preserving game, fish, and vegetables.
  • Learning cultural food techniques and cooking recipes local to Newfoundland.
  • Fresh bread making.
  • Arrangements can be made to visit other local chefs, hunters, fisherman, and cultural treasures to enhance your learning experiences, followed by a meal cooked over the fire or a fish fry on the beach.
  • All tools and ingredients.

Explore St. John's, Newfoundland

With more than 18,000 miles of coastline, the island of Newfoundland has a very special relationship with the sea. It was once known as the Triangle Trade route. With St. John's being the hub of this route, it shaped the trade system through the cod fish. This remote island has developed a very unique food culture due to its harsh winters, very little soil and a land where very little grows for 8 months of the year. The foods are there to be shared and the stories are ready to be told. With many ancient trails along the coastal cliffs with views of icebergs and humpback whales, it's easy to lose yourself in the majesty of the island.

Additional Details

The best time to visit Newfoundland depends what season you'd like to experience the area. is the summer, when the province is full of life and temperatures are warm.

Accommodations can be made for gluten intolerance, Halal and non red meat eaters. However, this VAWAA may not be suitable for vegetarian or vegan diets because of the way of life on the island.

Children, elderly and special needs can be easily adapted by changing the session slightly to accommodate. For example, shorter, less strenuous foraging hikes, and lifting activities can be done by Lori instead of the guests. Due to the nature of sessions being mainly outdoors in terrain and lack of an accessible bathroom, this VAWAA is not wheelchair accessible.
Lori's Availability 3 days

Guest Reviews

  • Julie D., Canada

    Few words can describe the depth of a connection we experienced with Newfoundland and one of its greatest advocates: Lori McCarthy. Chef, author, culinary pioneer, ambassador of ethical food sourcing, and hilarious host, Lori offers you a front-row seat to NL hospitality and rolls out the welcome mat to suit outings that match your interests, all with a personal touch of creativity. The foods we s Read more