Ceramics with Siem
  • Lincolnville, Maine, United States
  • 30 hours over 5 days

Ceramics with Siem

Explore your world through the craft of clay with natural patterns as your inspiration. Award-winning artist Siem is deeply connected to nature's geometric beauty. Join him on the scenic coast of Maine, and discover where your creativity takes you.
  • Snacks, Coffee, & Tea


One Guest
USD $1475
Additional guest(s) (max 2)
USD $900

Meet the Artist

Siem isn’t bound by any one medium. Skilled in drawing, printmaking, sculpting, goldsmithing, carpentry, painting, and ceramics, he explores the themes of home, family, and our relationship with nature in his work. He has won accolades as both an artist and art teacher, but has and will always remain a dedicated student of his craft: “I have never let go of the stage in which I learn from my fingertips inward.”

Siem is fascinated with the natural patterns and forms he finds around him, allowing his work to take shape organically and reveal all of its details, intricacies, and textures over time. For him, creating rarely begins with an idea; there are times when the meaning or story of a piece doesn’t manifest itself until long after it’s complete. He takes great care in the way he carves, polishes and glazes. As a result, his sculptures are strikingly tactile and mesmerizing to the touch. Siem loves to share his knowledge with others looking to explore their world through art. He believes art is a revelatory process – one he hopes continues on in the lives of those who use and find joy in his work.

VAWAA Includes:

  • Beginners will learn foundational techniques and principles, and will also be:
  • Working with clay to educate your hands through step-by-step exercises.
  • Developing an intimate understanding of the material.
  • Choosing between wheel throwing or hand-building to create your own ceramic piece.
  • Guests with intermediate experience will choose a focus such as a particular tableware form, a specific type of container, or abstract sculpture, and will also be:
  • Learning design development, form modification, and surface decoration techniques that will take you to new places in your work.
  • Working with Siem to hone or expand your skills.
  • Those with advanced skills will focus on arriving with specific goals in mind for what you’d like to explore, as well as:
  • Working towards those goals with Siem as your guide.
  • Seeing where the experience takes you during your time together.
  • Your handmade ceramic pieces to take home or shipped later.

Explore Lincolnville, Maine

Siem’s studio is in coastal Maine – home to a vibrant, well-connected artist community. The Center is located between Lincolnville Beach, Camden, and Belfast where you’ll find ocean beaches, freshwater lakes and ponds, a variety of hiking and biking trails, and many wonderful restaurants and bakeries to nourish mind, body, and soul.

Additional Details

The studio is wheelchair accessible, but unfortunately the plumbing fixtures are not.

Studio session is adaptable to hearing, vision, and learning accommodations.

You will be around two friendly dogs.
Siem's Availability 5 days