The Art of Llata (Palm Braiding) with Araceli & Antonella
  • Mallorca, Spain
  • 16 hours over 4 days

The Art of Llata (Palm Braiding) with Araceli & Antonella

Immerse yourself in the meditative practice of palm braiding in the beautiful island of Mallorca with Araceli and Antonella. Learn how to harvest garballo palm leaves in mountains overlooking the ocean and make a contemporary handbag or basket using the methods of an ancient craft shared through generations of Spanish artisans.
  • Snacks, Coffee, & Tea


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Meet the Artist

Araceli and Antonella make Mallorcan contemporary palm crafts. They are disciples of "Ses Madones de sa Llata", ​retired masters of palm crafts in Mallorca who learnt it from their mothers and grandmothers.

With their work, Araceli and Antonella propose a return to the essence of life: to enjoy the beauty of the natural and the simple. They make bags and baskets from scratch following the traditional methods – from the collection of the palm leaves, the dying of the leaves, the preparation, braiding, sewing and shaping of the baskets. When they work, they form a circle of artisans, each one specialized in a part of the process, such as their masters "Ses Madones," to ensure the final piece has the highest possible quality.

The unique characteristics of their "Llata" work is the quality of the braiding and sewing of the bags, the softness of the material to the touch and the light color of the palm. To be part of a quality craft and art community makes Araceli and Antonella happy. They love to meet interesting people with similar values, to share with them what they have learned from "Ses Madones,” and to contribute to the future of that palm craft and promote its life and philosophy in our society.

VAWAA Includes:

  • Discovering the art of the Llata according to the tradition of Ses Madones de sa Llata de Capdepera
  • Visiting Capdepera, the cradle of this craft, and its Museum of Llata with a wonderful basket exhibition.
  • Collecting palm leaves in the mountains of Llevant by the sea.
  • Preparing the palm leaves to make a little bag or basket at the atelier in the countryside.
  • Making "brins" (strips of the palm leaves) and once you have prepared them, learning how to start the "Llata" (braid).
  • Time, peaceful silence, and the guidance of master artists while you make the nearly 3 meters long braid for a small bag or basket.
  • Techniques for learning how to sew the braid into a small bag or basket, giving it shape and adding a handle to finish it. If you choose to create a contemporary handbag, techniques and guidance for how to do so.
  • A simple, typical Mallorcan meal called "Pa amb oli," or "bread with olive oil" with sobrasada, jamón, cheese and salads to celebrate your finished basket or contemporary handbag. Vegetarian adaptations can easily be made.
  • In your free time, you can choose to do several activities on your own like visit Araceli and Antonella’s friends – an artisan clothing and shoe designer, or a chef who specializes in local food with a contemporary touch. You also have the option to visit the inspiring Miró museum and atelier, take a walk in the Tramuntana Mountains, or swim in the sea.

Explore Mallorca

Mallorca is an island full of inspiration and inspiring people. Araceli and Antonella's studio is in the interior part of this island, where the countryside invites you to come back to the essence. This beautiful countryside has idyllic Mediterranean stone houses, windmills, crumbling Tayalotic remains, rustic cuisine and fields of carob, almond and fig trees. You can enjoy views of the Tramuntana Mountains, stroll down enchanting streets and enjoy the slow, magical Balearic way of life.

Palm basket craft has its origins in Mallorca, since the beginning of time. It is an experience to discover how the men and women who first started this craft took inspiration from the resources closest to them, and harvested the magnificent and versatile palm leaves which they transformed into baskets. Witness it all yourself in Capdepera, the cradle of this craftwork.

Additional Details

The best time to visit Mallorca is in the spring, when average temperatures are mild and there are fewer crowds.

This studio session can be adapted for kids, elderly, people using wheelchairs or with special needs.

Araceli speaks Spanish and English and Antonella speaks Italian, Spanish and English.
Araceli & Antonella's Availability 4 days

Guest Reviews

  • Jessica O., Canada

    Araceli and Antonella are not only gifted artisans who care deeply about their craft, but are also kind and welcoming human beings whom I'm grateful to have met. I love that I got a chance to get an idea of the full process involved with llata, from breaking a sweat harvesting palm leaves (harder than I thought!), to splitting dried leaves into strips for braiding, to actually creating my first b Read more