Contemporary Ceramics with Katja
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 20 hours over 4 days

Contemporary Ceramics with Katja

Get playful in a ceramics studio in the shadow of the Julian Alps. Learn handbuilding techniques or throwing on a potter's wheel to make functional objects, letting your sense of touch and Katja’s expertise guide you. Then spend a day exploring Lake Bled or hike in the stunning surrounding forest while they fire in the kiln.
  • Snacks, Coffee, & Tea


One Guest
USD $1185
Additional guest(s) (max 3)
USD $420


One Guest
USD $315
Additional guest(s)
USD $90

Meet the Artist

Katja is a ceramic product designer making products for different occasions - home accessories, lighting and everyday objects. Her work is functional in origin whilst being playful and thoughtful. It's a joy to see her combine different styles, techniques, concepts and materials - especially the discarded industrial made packaging usually thrown away after its original use. Her works are tremendously versatile, from a basic sculptural clay modeling approach to trowing clay on a potters wheel where she discovers many possibilities and a range of expressions within every ceramic work.

VAWAA Includes:

  • Introduction to different clay bodies and ceramic methods.
  • Creating functional forms such as cylinders and bowls.
  • Surface decoration and glazing techniques.
  • Materials including clay and access to kiln.
  • Your unique handmade ceramic products.
  • Handbuilding techniques such as slab, pinch and coil.
  • Throwing clay on a potters wheel.
  • Making plaster molds for casting small ceramic series productions.

Stay at Katja's

Stay in your own separate studio apartment with two options to choose from! The Small Loft apartment is smaller with a bed above the living room. The Large Loft is slightly bigger, featuring a larger bathroom and a bed on the ground since everything is on one floor.

Both apartments are located above Katja's studio, and they come fully equipped with a kitchen, refrigerator, bathroom, Wi-Fi, TV, sofa, and private entrance with keys. The price is the same for both options.

Explore Ljubljana

A fairytale town surrounded by natural beauty, Ljubljana is a place to slow down and connect with local communities, Old World architecture, and outdoor inspiration. But don’t be fooled--there’s also a thriving contemporary and edgy art culture bubbling underneath the scene. Venture outside the charming Old Town for grittier neighborhoods that are vibrant, young, eclectic, and outrageously artistic.

Additional Details

Katja's studio is 46 km from Ljubljana in Križe, a small town with incredible views of Julian Alps.

Depending on what you want to work on, you can choose to have a day off on one of your working days while your pieces are drying and firing in the kiln.

This VAWAA is available for a longer duration, up 10 days. Please ask when you send your booking request.
Katja's Availability 4 days

Guest Reviews

  • Cameron C., United States

    Where do I even begin? I am absolutely thrilled to share my experience with Katja. Yes - an incredibly talented ceramicist but, more importantly, simply a wonderful human being. Spending five days immersed in her world was an absolute dream come true… and not nearly enough time!

    Firstly, let me start by saying that Katja's passion for ceramics is palpable. From the moment I stepped into her stu
    Read more

  • Megan C., United States

    My first VAWAA experience could not have been dreamier! Katja is an incredible teacher and a wonderful host who made me feel so welcome throughout my time in Križe.

    In the week we spent together, she generously shared her vast knowledge of ceramics and gave me a whole new understanding and appreciation of working with clay. The sessions were highly personalized to my own interests and goals, a
    Read more

  • Katie N., United Kingdom

    Ceramics with Katja - my first ever VAWAA - was pure joy. As a beginner, I was hoping to learn some basic techniques, to enjoy working with my hands and to take home a couple of not-too-terrible bowls - a nice souvenir of my time in Slovenia. But thanks to Katja’s incredible tuition, I felt I accomplished so much more than that! Over four days, we did some hand building, coil construction, wheel t Read more

  • Janneke V., Netherlands

    My first VAWAA was great. I stayed with Katja in Križe, Slovenia. We had four nice days together and did some different techniques. I threw clay on a potters wheel, worked with slab, engobe, stamp and sgraffito. We've made a plaster mold and did some casting. It was very nice to work with Katja. She told me a lot about all techniques and was very helpful. She also showed me how to load the kiln an Read more

  • Olivier S., Netherlands

    My VAWAA with Katja I will always remember! I already had experience with ceramics so my goal was to learn some more advanced techniques. Katja adapted perfectly to this and gave me many tips & tricks because of which I now have made a leap forward in the quality of my work. Very thankful that she is so free in sharing her extensive knowledge on ceramics with me.

    She is very friendly and accomm
    Read more

  • Talah D., Belgium

    Learning pottery with Katja was amazing. She is an excellent teacher and a wonderful person to spend with.

  • Danielle M., United States

    My daughter and I had the great fortune of spending 5 days creating, laughing, learning and enjoying the art of ceramics with Katja. It's difficult to know where to begin... Katja is a lovely human being - the kind of person you connect with instantaneously and could talk to for hours about people, life and, of course, clay. Both my daughter and I missed her on our days off from the workshop, lo Read more

  • Jenny Q., Switzerland

    Katja is an absolute gem and the more days passed by, the more I realized this VAWAA was like finding a pearl.

    This was my first time learning to hand build and while it was Katja who helped set the stage, I got to direct the play. My time in the studio was instructive, but more than that, it was relaxing, fun, intuitive, experimental, and deeply human. This was truly a beautiful exchange, shar
    Read more

  • Brenna M., United States

    The experience with Katja was truly amazing. Do not hesitate to book this! I had an incredible week learning from Katja in the studio. I chose to stay in her Airbnb apartment which has everything you need for a comfortable stay plus easy access to the studio everyday. Katja is a fantastic teacher and I learned so much from her so quickly. In six days I created six pieces which she can send back to Read more

  • Gema H., Spain

    It was amazing this experience working ceramic with Katja. She is a very good teacher and host, and of course a nice person. I've learn a lot of ceramic with her, she is very patient and repeat explanations a much as you need. It has been also a challenge to work with ceramic and a learning, in particular when we tried to sculpt a hand with ceramic, it was amazing and I enjoyed a lot.

    I receive
    Read more

  • Kaitlin Y., United States

    This VAWAA exceeded my expectations. I travel often and this is one of my favorite travel experiences. It was inspiring, relaxing, fulfilling, and a lot of fun. My mom and aunt joined me, which was a wonderful way for us to spend time together. While we each had experience with art and design in some capacity, ceramics was new to us all. Highlights include:

    - Katja is a knowledgeable, encourag
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  • Dalreen S., United Arab Emirates

    Every tale of travel beckoned me, but I knew the conventional way of star hotels and guided tours was not for me, till I chanced upon VAWAA. This is IT!
    My experience with Katja was everything and more that I had ever wanted: to taste the local flavour of life while being focused on a project. It gave us daily direction and the breaks in between would be unexpected introduction to new views and
    Read more

  • Karolien W., Belgium

    Had a great week with the lovely Katja in her beautiful studio. I came with the intention to pick up some ceramic-skills, but I got so much more: fun time with the inspiring Katja, a relaxing, almost therapeutic time working with the clay, some sightseeing in the gorgeous region and actually some pretty nice bowls (thanks to the confidence and the cheers Katja gave me). It proved for me to be the Read more

  • Emilia B., United Kingdom

    We had the most wonderful time with Katja at the beginning on June where we learnt a number of ceramics techniques and glazing. When we arrived we had literally zero experience with clay but came back with a collection of pieces that we are using around our flat. We spent a few days creating functional pieces such as dipping bowls, tumblers and a large jug and ended the week glazing them. Katja wa Read more

  • Juliet I., France

    It was a huge surprise and a beautiful one. Spending days working on that project, we were both learning together and discovering concepts. Katja is a friend now, we Skype and I’ll be back in Slovenia in September to collaborate with her again. I really feel complete now, to have skills in fashion, knitting and ceramics.

  • Alexandre M., France

    I liked to stay at one place and work on a project, while having a few days to explore the surroundings. The project was nice, and I had a closer contact with the country by interacting with Katja and her family. I liked the formula, staying in the artist's studio while she keeps doing her usual activities, I found easily my place and could benefit from the studio equipment. Katja seems to be used Read more

  • Cecilia A., Brazil

    Yes! Really interesting way to meet local people, to learn or to improve skills. Feeling part of the environment, finding new things inside me, totally unexpected festival in Zagreb, enjoying the nature around.

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